Kitesurfing in El Cuyo

Kitesurfing, Kitefoiling or Wingfoiling – whatever fun wind activity you want to learn: do it with us!.

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El Cuyo is one of the best kitesurfing, kitefoiling and wingfoiling destinations in Mexico. Located on the Yucatán Peninsula, this authentic fishing village awaits you with wide unspoilt beaches, consistent winds, a picturesque setting and tropical weather, making it the perfect location for your next kite holiday.

In this laid back coastal village and take your wind sports skills to the next level. Our experienced instructors will provide you with a safe and exhilarating learning experience.

Why choose us?

Here are some of the reasons why you should learn, improve and rent with us:

  • We’ll teach you how to kitesurf, kitefoil or wingfoil from zero to hero.
  • We are well-experienced kitesurf instructors.
  • We use state-of-the-art teaching techniques.
  • We provide high-quality equipment from North and Mystic.
  • We are strategically situated to take advantage of El Cuyo’s ideal conditions.
  • We are locals, so we know El Cuyo inside out and will show you the best of it.
  • We offer amazing amenities: restaurant, bar, showers, bathrooms, pool, Wi-Fi and washing facilities.
  • We are located inside LunArena Boutique Hotel. Stay with us!
  • We offer online discounts and monthly promotions. Contact us!